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Scott Hghes, B. Comm, M.B.A., M.ED, CMC, CSP
Certified Management Consultant

R.R #1
13 Humber Heights Trail
Palgrave, Ontario,
L0N 1P0

Tel: (519) 941-8854
Fax: (519) 941-2155
Email 1mr.hughes@bell.net

We can help you sell more


By offering you a complete range of consulting, advisory and coaching services, sales training courses and workshops combined with our many years of sales experience.

I: Consulting
Core Primate Services Inc. sales consulting services can significantly impact your revenues by providing a comprehensive suite of consulling services that focus on the sales process, sales management, channel management (direct & indirect) and marketing

Optimizing your company's sales process can have a significant impact on how effective your sales teams are. Our Sales Professionals will review your sales process to identify areas that require special attention and will provide proven solutions that will help you close more business.

Social Styles/Communicating Styles is a behaviour measurement process that describes and predicts how people will behave in interpersonal situations. Its objectives are:
  1. To build meaningful long-term relationships quickly with internal staff and customers.
  2. To ensure that your personal style does not inhibit the delivery of your message.
  3. To understand and practice versatility.
Through a questionnaire you determine your Social Style/Communicating Style and then you look at your prospects and customers to see what Style they are. The objective is to keep people in their comfort zone when you are communicating with them. Once you take them out of their comfort zone all communication shuts down.

II: Coaching
We provide both Individual and Project Coaching programs: Individual Coaching:
This very popular program provides sales coaching to individual members of your sales team with a view to increasing their performance. Participants are interviewed by one of our Sales Professionals, who also accompanies them on sales calls, to assess their sales capabililies. Each participant is assessed on over 30 different sales competencies, identifying areas of strength and those areas needing improvement.